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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Our Department has Eight Classrooms and One Seminar Hall with adequate space. All the Classrooms have been equipped with OHP/LCD projector. Our department offers students an outstanding academic environment coupled with fully furnished infrastructure. Not only does it cultivates vision and encourages growth, but also inculcates human values and concerns for the environment and the society.

The department has a state of art laboratories to provide a unique opportunity to boost the quality of engineering education, deepen understanding and providing the necessary practical skills to the young minds.

Electronic Circuits Laboratory

Electronics laboratory provides the platform to understand the basic concepts of all the electronic devices by learning practical knowledge of designing Amplifiers, Oscillators and Rectifiers. This laboratory has been well equipped with electronic equipments like Dual trace oscilloscope, Function generators and Regulated Power Supplies, Digital Voltmeters and Multimeters etc. in the specified and required ranges. This laboratory has good infrastructure with adequate space.

Digital Laboratory

Digital laboratory paves a platform for the students to acquire practical knowledge about analog and digital integrated circuits and how they are used to perform different functions through experiments like instrumentation amplifier, Astable and Mono-stable multi-vibrator which can be done with OP-Amp IC 743 and various discrete components of specified ranges. Students can verify the operations of basic logic gates such as AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR and EXOR with the help of equipments like digital trainer kits. In order to rectify the basic needs, this laboratory has been equipped with IC testers also. To do the various experiments in Linear Integrated Circuits, this laboratory has been furnished with Dual trace oscilloscope, function generators and multimeters of desired range.

Communication Laboratory

The students can understand the concepts involved in analog and digital communication techniques by acquiring the practical knowledge about the basic modulation schemes like Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation(FM) and digital modulation techniques like Amplitude shift keying (ASK), Frequency shift keying (FSK). To demonstrate the modulation techniques, the communication lab has been well equipped with Amplitude, Frequency, Phase modulation trainer kits ASK, FSK Kits and PCM trainer kits. It has been also equipped with RF transmitters, RF receivers and antenna systems. By using this, antenna Radiation pattern measurement is effectively achieved.

Microwave and Optical communication Laboratory

The students are well trained to impart the practical knowledge about the microwave oscillators, microwave components, the radiation pattern of horn antenna parabolic reflectors, the DC characteristics of optical sources and detectors, the mode characteristics of optical fibers, the measurement of bending loss, attenuation and Numerical aperture. This laboratory has been well equipped with costlier equipments like J-band and X – band microwave benches, Fiber optic trainer kit and LED and Photodiode kits. All the experiments are done in the laboratory with the air conditioned atmosphere.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

Microprocessor and Microcontroller laboratories are well established and Air conditioned Laboratory. In this laboratory, 8085-8086 microprocessors and 8051 Microcontroller Trainer kits are available. The various interfacing kits used in our laboratory are programmable peripheral interface, Keyboard display controller, Traffic light controller, Stepper Motor, Analog to digital converter and Digital to Analog converter.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

This laboratory makes the students to be trained to get the exposure in the practical applications of Digital Signal Processing, VLSI technology, Computer Networks and Embedded Systems. This laboratory has been well equipped with 75 computers of high configuration and air conditioned with 9 Ton A/C. Latest version of various software packages like Matlab 10.1, XILINX, Embedded Systems Software and network software are available. In order to implement the various experiments, advanced DSP Trainer kits, VLSI FPGA Trainer kits, Wireless LAN Trainer Kits and Embedded system VI ARM 2378, Spartan FPGA Trainer Kits are available in this laboratory. M. E( Embedded Systems) and M.E (VLSI Design) practical classes are also conducted in this Lab.